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6 Signs He is undeniably in love with you

1. He always asks you a lot of questions about your life.

He never stops asking you about your life. He never stops making a genuine effort to get to know you better. He knows that no matter how long the two of you might stay together, he understands that he still has a lot to learn. He knows that you are still growing and developing as a person, and he wants to be able to take part in that process.

2. He goes out of his way to spend time with you.

He’s the kind of guy who wouldn’t hesitate to make you a priority in his life. He really doesn’t shy away from spending as much time with you as possible. He doesn’t care if he has to make a few adjustments to his schedule. He’s always going to be willing to do whatever it takes to accommodate you into his life in an intimate capacity.

3. He always delivers on promises and commitments that he makes to you.

Whenever he tells you that he’s going to do something, he always manages to back his words up with legit actions. He’s not just someone who is going to talk a big game. He really manifests his words into action. If he tells you that he’s going to help you out with something, he isn’t just going to leave you hanging. If he tells you that he’s going to take you out on a date, he always shows up at the time he says he’s going to show up. If he tells you that he stays faithful, he holds up his end of the bargain.

4. He genuinely finds happiness in your own happiness.

He always finds happiness in being able to make you happy as a person. He is always trying his best to put a smile on your face because he would never want to see you sad for any reason at all. It’s as if he makes it his own personal life goal to bring you happiness and joy in your life. He genuinely takes pleasure in knowing that you are elated over something. He supports you in all of your achievements and successes. And he never acts jealous of your milestones in life.

5. He consistently expresses his gratitude for your efforts.

He is always going to show his gratitude for your efforts whenever you do something nice for him. He never makes it seem like your efforts go unnoticed or unappreciated. Even your mere presence in his life would be enough for him to feel thankful. He always makes you feel like he’s happy to have you around. In your relationship, not too much time goes by without him letting you know about how thankful he is.

6. He talks and acts like he loves you.

It’s not enough that you have a man who just consistently tells you that he loves you all of the time. He just can’t be all about that talking game. He has to be the kind of guy who shows a willingness to actually back his talk up. He can’t just be someone who talks a big game without reinforcing it with his actions.

That’s why you should really consider yourself lucky if you have a guy who never seems to run out of ways to make you feel his love. Whether it be through words or actions, he’s always ready to deliver on his part to make you feel loved.

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