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7 things that instantly attract women to men

Let’s face it when we see a man we do take a second look at him if we like his physical features.

And after the second look, there is a level of attraction if certain things about his physical appearance and behaviour feel really appealing to a woman.

A study has shown that women are more attracted to rich men, there is no doubt riches embellish a person’s looks and personality but there are a few things that women instantly notice about men.

They say for a man if it’s a good-looking woman around he is instantly enthralled and attracted by her charm. But for a woman, it’s more than just one thing that appeals instantly.

Women could be more perceptive than men. They could look at a whole lot of things at one go without the man even realizing that. Here are some of them:

1. Facial feature

This is the first thing a woman notices about a man. The perfect jawline and sharp features and the skin tone. A neat haircut, that perfectly trimmed beard, a clean-shaven look or a well-groomed bushy moustache have the ability to add that additional oomph to any man.

A man does not have to be drop-dead gorgeous like a ramp model to get the attention of a woman but his facial features and how he has accentuated those or groomed himself do matter.

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