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8 phrases men say when they are really into you

There are some common phrases men say when they know that they have fallen in love with someone, unconditionally and irrevocably.

Men are usually considered the less verbal sex which really isn’t so true.

Women sure do have an arsenal of things to say and gesture to make for both when they are into someone and when they are not, their body language cues and eye rolls could bring a dead man to his feet or a freeze a walking man right at his footstep.

Men are pretty much straight forward with their words but is it really so? Do they only mean what they say or are there much more behind the plain simple words?

Men have much to say but often people miss the signal or are unable to translate it as intended. Here are 8 phrases men say when they are really into you:

1. I noticed you

If he says that he has noticed you eating, wearing, talking to anyone, or any other action…know that he is paying serious attention to you. And not because he wants to be your best friend, but because he is really into you.


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