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9 things that turn men off even when you are highly attractive

It really is confusing at times why exactly we are repelling the very species we want to attract, marry and spend the rest of our lives with.

Of course no one is perfect and surely we have all dated a few duds, players or commitment freaks.

But when we seem to be developing a consistent pattern of being single, we have to ask ourselves in which (and how many!) ways are we contributing to scaring off all our prospects!

Here are 9 things you might probably be doing that turn men off:


1. Being too available

It’s not about playing games or playing hard to get , the main point here is don’t give up your daily plans or rearrange your whole life and schedule just to fit in with a man.

A genuine guy likes to know that the woman he is dating is still keeping her goals, independence and life outside of him. It not only makes him fight for your attention more but it also commands respect

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