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7 ways a man should prove himself before giving him full attention

Most women rush into new relationships and put their trust so easily in men when dating.

Before giving your full attention to a guy, you should first be convinced that he has honest feelings for you and that he wants to have a serious relationship with you.

Don’t make things easy for him because he must prove that he deserves you. Below are 7 ways a man should prove himself before giving him your full attention:

1. He’ll always have time for you

Even if he has a demanding job and has a whole bunch of work to do every day, he must find some time for you. Even when he has the busiest schedule, he should take some time to see you.

That’s how he’ll show that you’re his priority and that you’re more important than his job and his everyday obligations. That’s how he’ll prove that you and your relationship really mean something serious to him

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