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7 things men do that secretly turn women on

It is natural for all genders to want a companion. For a man, there are a million things you could do to woo a lady. From being physically attractive to street smart, everything counts in creating a surpass-able impression on a woman.

Even though treating a lady to some skillfully executed foreplay turns her on, a few of the biggest turn ons are the most laid back non-sexual things that you do.

Seeing a man in his element is a really big turn on. So buckle up guys and do the following things more often to please your woman!

Here is a list of top 6 things that men do that turn women on:

1. Cooking

The way to a lady’s heart, like men, is also through her stomach. You don’t have to necessarily cook her a grand meal. Although, that would win you some pretty good brownie points. Surprise your counterpart with some breakfast in bed or a home-cooked candle light dinner.

Not just that, you could also cook with your woman. You won’t know it, but it will definitely increase your sexy quotient.


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