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9 silly things women do in the name of love

If you have ever fallen head over heels in love with a special someone, you will agree that love can be as dangerous a drug as cocaine or heroin.

The effect of being in love on the brain is comparable to the effect of the chemicals that are released when you take drugs.

If you have heard that love makes people crazy or stupid, it could be because being in love actually does make chemical changes to the brain.

Because the feeling of love is so addicting, some people have been known to do very crazy and stupid things.

Below are some things which many consider stupid that women do in the name of love, especially in the early stages of their relationship.

1. Giving your money to a man

Some ladies will go to whatever length to keep a man, who obviously doesn’t love them. Some will steal their parents money to give to their man. Some men have refused to make themselves useful and rely on some stupid girl, who brings all her salary to him at the end of the month while he sits at home and helps her spend it. Some girls have even used their school fees to celebrate birthday for a man.

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