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8 signs of desperation that turn men off

You must have heard from men who complains about how their women can’t do without them, and you wonders how clingy their woman really is.

While this by no means applies to all, there are some women who will occasionally act in a way that comes off as desperate and needy, quickly turning off guys who might otherwise be interested.

To help you avoid making similar mistakes in the future, we’ll share some major red flags you might be displaying so you can hopefully avoid them:

1. Too much talking

To be fair, some women are just a little chatty, and that’s okay. However, non-stop talking can come off as a sign of neediness and desperation. In a way, it’s the behavior of someone who wants to be in the spotlight and needs to be the center of attention all the time. Again, this doesn’t apply to all women, but women who do nothing but talk about themselves can turn guys off.

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