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7 things you can do to make your crush notice you


Do you have a crush on somebody but he/she hasn’t noticed you yet? Are you eager to make yourself visible to that person?

There’s no denying that all of us want our love interests to notice us and consider as a potential partner. But there can be times when your crush may not notice you even though you have tried your best.

In that case, instead of feeling depressed and heartbroken, you can try doing these things to make your crush notice you.

In order to know what could be those things that you can do to make your crush notice you, scroll down the article to read more.

1. Work on your fashion sense

One of the best ways to make your crush notice you is by working on your fashion sense and taking proper care of your flaws. You can think of bringing some changes to your hairstyle and choice of dresses. Not only this but you can also wear the same colour as your crush. You can notice the favourite colour of your crush and think of including that colour in your wardrobe.

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