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5 terrible things a man who loves you will never say to you

If you claim to love someone, there are some things you shouldn’t say in order to avoid hurting each other’s feelings.

So many time we find ourselves splitting terrible words out of annoyance, but one thing we fail to understand is that those words don’t easily go away despite being in good situation with our partner.

As a man, there are many things you shouldn’t say to your woman. In this article we’ll be listing some horrible words that could make your woman want some space in a relationship. Check the below!

1. You’re a woman, act like one”

Many times, when these words are used by men to women, it is in the context of oppression, subjugation, delimitation and other concepts that show the suppression of women and promote their unfair treatment in one way or another.

Don’t do that to any woman, and more particularly, not to your woman.

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